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We examine the ways in which individuals understand, remember, and share their personal experiences across development. Our work is motivated by applied issues, including children’s provision of eyewitness testimony under different conditions and parents’ socialization of children’s memory abilities. Our lab is organized into teams addressing specific research questions. These teams include undergraduates and are headed by doctoral students who work under the guidance of Dr. Lynne Baker-Ward. In addition to contributing to the knowledge base in psychology, we’re committed to the professional and personal development of all lab members. We strive to create a supportive and stimulating environment to accomplish these goals. This website provides an introduction to M&ND lab members and our on-going activities.



  • Click here to participate in How Children Understand and Respond to COVID-19: Family Preparation and Support or visit our on-going projects page to read more
  • Senior Shoutout:
    • Good luck to Esther Kim and Julia Passini as they continue their final dissertation projects. Look out for their findings soon!


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